Scuba Tank Rentals and Air / Nitrox Fills

Carolina Beach Scuba has one of the largest compressors in the area. Our 36 Cubic Feet Per Minute Coltri brand compressor will fill your tanks fast. We bank over 5,000 feet of both Air and Nitrox up to 36% for all your diving needs from Carolina Beach, NC. Stop by and let us know if you need after hours fills. We also offer valet tank service to your home for a small fee. Let Carolina Beach Scuba be your go to dive shop for tank fills!
Tank Rentals                                     
Aluminum 80cf-air tank             $9.00
Aluminum 80cf-Nitrox tank                                $15.00
Steel 80cf-Nitrox tank                                         $17.00
Steel 100cf-Nitrox tank                                       $20.00
Steel 120cf-Nitrox tank                                       $22.00
Air Fills
  AIR        NITROX
80 cu ft       $5.00 $10.00
100 cu ft $6.00 $11.00
120 cu ft $7.00 $12.00
>130 cu ft   $8.00 $13.00
1st stage                                   $35.00
2nd Stage (each) $25.00
VIP :Aluminum tanks $10.00
       :Steel tanks                       $10.00
Tank Hydrostatic test              $30.00
Regulator  O2 Cleaning          $50.00
Tank O2 Cleaning                   $40.00
Tank Valve rebuild                 $15.00 + parts