Scuba Gear Rentals



Carolina Beach Scuba offers the latest in SCUBA rental gear. Newly placed into service in 2015 we have BC's and Regulators from Sherwood Scuba along with wetsuits from Akona.

Dive computers are also available to help maximize your dive time. For our Tech divers call us for gear rental gear from Hollis including back mounted inflation BC's with double tanks.

At Carolina Beach Scuba let our experts fit you for the best rental gear offered in Carolina Beach, NC. We can help match your gear needs to your experience level.


Rental Gear and Equipment
Regulator with Octopus and Gauge             $20.00
B.C.D.                                                          $20.00
Wet Suit                                                       $20.00
Weight Belt & Weights                                 $7.00
Mask, Fins, Snorkel                                     $15.00
Full Set of Gear     
(B.C.D., Reg, Wet Suit, Weight, tanks tanks)     $80.00
Dive Computer $25
Aluminum 80cf-air tank                                      $10.00
Aluminum 80cf-Nitrox tank                                $15.00
Steel 80cf-Nitrox tank                                         $17.00
Steel 100cf-Nitrox tank                                       $20.00
Steel 120cf-Nitrox tank                                       $22.00